Rebelona's 21" Real Riding Crop Whip with Genuine Leather Top

Rebelona's 21" Real Riding Crop Whip with Genuine Leather Top

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    Riding Crops
    - GENUINE LEATHER – Other riding crops use cheap quality fake leather. This greatly impacts your experience and the quality of the riding crop as a whole. OUR crops use premium quality genuine leather
    - PREMIUM QUALITY - Each of the riding crops measures 21” long. Manufactured from high-quality materials with a solid anti-slip grip. The strong flexible PVC fiberglass stem wrapped by nylon webbing provides a premium experience
    - LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE: Even if you’re required to carry a jumping bat, this one will cause no inconvenience while you’re riding. The Rekink Jump Bat is a perfect size, 19” with the braided shaft, and genuine leather loop flapper. It’s comfortable and lightweight in your hand
    - THE RIGHT AMOUNT OF INCENTIVE: The popper gives the right amount of incentive to your horse. This premium riding crop is lightweight and gentle as well as commanding, so your horse understands the clear instructions you give them. It’s great for beginning riders and all kinds of horses